Model Village for Dementia sufferers

A 'village' in Holland is leading the way in residential care for dementia sufferers. Hogewey is unique in that it encourages its residents to shop for themselves, meet neighbours for lunch, and join clubs, all the things that they would do if living independently*. But this is not a real village. As the article in the Irish Times Health Supplement tells us "It is a a nursing home designed to look like and function as a self-contained village community". "The village design allows its residents to experience the world as they currently understand it, even if it is in the past". As Yvonne Van Amerongen, one of the founding members explains, "we discovered that those with severe dementia were happier, healthier, more relaxed, needed less medication and slept better by giving them back the life they had known". This is a very interesting concept and could be something that other countries might adapt in the future.

You can read the full Irish Times article here

*This page may appear in Dutch but if you open it in Google Chrome simply click on Translate at the top of the page and it will translate each page into English.

Saturday Hours at Mountjoy Square library

The library will not be open this Saturday, 23rd of November.
The next Saturday we will be open is Saturday the 30th of November.
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DIT Graduate is added as an Illustrator for top Children's Book Agency

Lorraine Lawlor, DIT Fine Art graduate, has recently been appointed as an illustrator by Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency. Lorraine is currently working on a children's picture book and has been snapped up by the top British agency.
You can see some of her amazing work here, along with a short biog.

Image courtesy of Darley Anderson

Latest 'Growing Up in Ireland' report

The latest report in the National Longitudinal Study of Children (Growing Up in Ireland) published today, focuses on the effect of parental stress and depression on child development.
Among the findings of this particular report was that maternal stress was strongly associated with difficult temperament in a child.

The report, based on the study since 2006 of 11,000 children from the age of nine months, highlights the role of parenting and family contexts in child development.

You can access the report in full here

Some text courtesy of The Irish Times

Library Open This Saturday

The library at DIT Mountjoy Square will be open this Saturday, 2nd of November 2013.
Our opening hours are 10am-5pm.
We are  not open every Saturday. Please see our schedule.

Eileen Gray Exhibition IMMA

From  the 12th of October 2013 to the 19th January 2014 the Irish Museum of Modern Art are holding a major retrospective of the work of Eileen Gray.

There is also a series of talks and lectures taking place.

Further details can be found at the IMMA site here.

October Bank Holiday Closure.

October Bank Holiday Closure.

The Library will be closed on Saturday 26th and Monday 28th of October
for the Bank Holiday Weekend.  We are opening as normal for the rest of the week:
Tues - Thurs 09.30-21.30, Friday 09.30-17.15 and Saturday 10.00-17.00.

Art and Design Open Access Articles

More and more open access articles are starting becoming available.
Our Art and Design students and staff may find the following website useful,
Art and Design Commons, which has over 32,000 full
text articles and has over 270,000 downloads.

It's fairly easy to browse as you can browse by related discipline, sub-discipline, institution
and author.  There's a search box too; a search for 'Poster' produced 71 articles.

It can be accessed from here

Goodbye not Hi to High Heels?

 Is this the new foot binding?

Using a new 3D CAT scanner, researchers at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in London have taken 3D scans of women wearing high heels.  Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Andy Goldberg says that because all the body's weight is being forced onto the front of the feet, the toes get squashed , leading to bunions, clawed toes and other painful conditions.  Yet, while a survey of foot patients at the hospital revealed that 57% of them suffered from severe pain from wearing bad shoes, 86% said they found it difficult wearing comfortable shoes.
More, including video footage of the scans can be found at the following links

Library Open This Saturday

The library at DIT Mountjoy Square will be open this Saturday, 2nd of November 2013.
Our opening hours are 10am-5pm.
We are  not open every Saturday. Please see our schedule.

Arrow News

Arrow Statistics August, 2013

ARROW@DIT had 47,696 full-text downloads and 46 new submissions were posted. The repository now has  5940 records, which have been downloaded a total of 1,818,398 times.
The most popular papers were:

The most popular publications were:

Doctoral Theses in Science (1638 downloads)

Growing Up In Ireland Report 2013

The 2013 Growing Up In Ireland: Development from Birth to Three Years Report makes for interesting reading for those in the Social Policy field.

Amongst other things, the report found that nearly twice as many children living with parents who had never worked were classed as obese compared with those whose parents had worked.  Nearly a third of families who said they'd been affected by the recession had to cut back on basics.  It was also found that a quarter of three year olds were either overweight or obese.

The Irish Times has an article on the report here and the actual report can be downloaded from

Term-Time Opening Hours

The Library at Mountjoy Square is now open Term-Time Hours.
Monday - Thursday: 9:30 - 9:30
Friday: 9:30 - 5:15
*Saturdays: 10am - 5pm

Welcome to all our 1st years, and welcome back to all our current students.

*Not all Saturdays, see schedule

Childhood - BBC Radio 3


45 minutes
First broadcast:
Monday 27 May 2013
Matthew Sweet and guests examine our current and past attitudes to childhood and asks whether nurturing children is something that we should deregulate or attempt to reform.
Joining Matthew in the night waves studio are Jay Griffiths, author of a new book called Kith - in which she argues that children in Brazilian rain forests are happier than those in European and American cities;
Hugh Cunningham, historian and author of the Invention of Childhood; Frank Furedi, sociologist, who coined the phrase paranoid parenting; Gabriel Gbadamosi, Irish-Nigerian poet, playwright and essayist and whose novel "Vauxhall" was inspired by his own childhood; and Meg Rosoff who writes fiction for children and young adults - for which she has been awarded the Carnegie medal

Click here to listen
Click here to download mp3 podcast from the BBC

Photography and Privacy

Arne Svenson, a New York photographer, was sued by his neighbours after
photographing them in their homes without their permission and exhibiting
them in a nearby gallery.

However, a court ruled that under the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution, it would be a breach of his right to freedom of speech and that this art doesn't need consent.
It should be noted that none of the neighbours were identifiable.

Would you be happy to be photographed surreptitiously in your home and have the photographs published in the name of art?

The Guardian has an article discussing this issue here.

Top 10 eBooks

   The Following are the Library's  Top 10 


Clicking on a cover will take you to the OPAC record from where you can access the actual ebook.  For those wishing to access ebooks outside the DIT network, you'll need to log into your library account first.

 Ageing in society /edited by John Bond  Early childhood education : society and culture / edited by Angela Anning, Joy Cullen, and Marilyn Fleer  Handbook of attachment  : theory, research, and clinical applications / edited by Jude Cassidy, Phillip R. Shaver.  Handbook of policing / edited by Tim Newburn  ICT in the early years / edited by Mary Hayes and David Whitebread  Politics in the Republic of Ireland / edited by John Coakley and Michael Gallagher.  Life-span development: frameworks, accounts, and strategies / Léonie Sugarman  Rural policing and policing the rural : a constable countryside? / edited by Rob I. Mawby and Richard Yarwood  Social research  : issues, methods and process / Tim May  The new international policing / Beth K. Grenner 

Mountjoy Square Library Open Again


Mountjoy Square Library is reopening on Monday, 15th July at 09:30 following a complete stock take.  Full service will be resumed with our normal summer hours:

Monday - Friday 09:30-17:15

Mountjoy Square Library Closure

Mountjoy Square library is closing for 2 weeks from the 1st - 14th of July 2013.
This is in preparation for the move to Grangegorman in 2014.

If you have any queries about the closure, or about anything library related, feel free to contact the library on 01 4024108 or email:

Latest E-Books Purchased by the Library

We have recently purchased the following e-books:
 Book Cover Abnormal and clinical psychology : an introductory textbook / Paul Bennett.

 Book Cover All together : how to create inclusive services for disabled children and their families / Mary Dickins with Judy Denziloe.

 Book Cover The criminal justice system : an introduction / Bryan Gibson and Paul Cavadino ; with the assistance of David Faulkner.

All have a multi-user licence so that up to 3 people can access them at the same time. E-books can be downloaded, sections can be printed, or they can simply be read on screen.

To see a full list of our current e-books simply do a Subject Search for: e-book collection dit mountjoy square library.
Remember we are always adding to our collection of e-books...

Library Open This Saturday

The library at DIT Mountjoy Square will be open from 10am until 5pm this Bank holiday Saturday.
We are also open Saturday the 11th, 18th, and 25th of May to cover the exam period.
From Saturday the 1st of June we will be in our out of term hours and therefore closed on Saturdays.

The library will be closed on Monday the 6th of May for the bank holiday.

Good luck to all students sitting exams!

Short BBC radio piece on the renovated Rijksmuseum

On BBC Radio 3's Arts Programme, Night Waves, they broadcasted a piece on the newly renovated Rijksmuseum.  This 8.5 minute piece covers the design of the museum as well as the development of
art in the Golden Age. It also discussed Rembrant's Portrait of Jan Six, which the Six family have had for 350 years and have loaned the work to the Rijksmuseum for the opening.  This work is rarely seen in public
and is considered one of Rembrant's major works.
To play the audio, just click the play icon on the bottom left of the player.

The Child Care Law Reporting Project

 Child Care Law Reporting Project

The Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP) has gone live and can be accessed from the following site

Its goal is that members of the public and professionals can gain an insight into the reasons and issues involving children being taken into care.  It plans to publish about 10 per cent of all child care court cases, which will be randomly selected and broadly representative of the courts around the country.  So, for instance, about 40 per cent of cases would be from the Dublin Metropolitan District Court as that accounts for 40 per cent of the national average and it will attempt to apply a representative figure nationally.

A protocol has been established to ensure that there is no information that could lead to the identification of the families or children involved.  This means that Social Workers and Judges can't be named.  The full protocol is available at

At the moment, there are nearly 30 Case Histories online, which will increase as the project continues. They can be read here

Another part of the project is the publishing of Child Care Statistics.  At the moment, there are only statistics for 2011 available, which can be looked at here
The CCLRP plans on gathering court data and will issue reports with statistics, trends and analysis from which it will issue recommendations.

The CCLRP is supervised by an oversight committee composed of Mrs Justice Catherine McGuinness, former judge of the Supreme Court and former President of the Law Reform Commission; Dr Helen Buckley, Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and Social Policy, TCD; Dr Geoffrey Shannon, Government Rapporteur on Child Protection; P J Fitzpatrick, former CEO of the Courts Service; Noeline Blackwell, director general of FLAC; and Tanya Ward, director of the Childrens Rights Alliance.

Easter Opening Hours at Mountjoy Square Library

The library at Mountjoy Square will be open the following hours over the Easter period:

Monday 25th of March: 9:30- 9:30
Tuesday 26th of March: 9:30- 9:30
Wednesday 27th of March:
9:30- 9:30
Thursday 28th of March: 9:30-1pm
Friday 29th of March: Closed
Saturday 30th of March: Closed
Monday 1st of April: Closed
Tuesday 2nd April: 9:30- 9:30
Wednesday 3rd April: 9:30- 9:30
Thursday 4th of April: 9:30- 9:30
Friday 5th April: 9:30- 5:15 
Saturday 6th of April: 10- 5pm

Happy Easter

New E-Books Available

We have added the following e-books to our collection in Mountjoy Square. Some titles you will recognise as in demand books from our shelves so please do use the electronic versions of them. Remember you can access them any time, anywhere (so you have no excuses...)
The New International Policing. Beth Greener

Writing at University: a guide for Students. Phylis Creme

Social Research: issues, methods and process. Tim May

Outdoor Learning in the Early Years. Helen Bilton

Library Open this Saturday

The library at Mountjoy Square will be open this Saturday, 9th of March.
Our opening hours are 10am- 5pm.
We will not be open Saturday 16th of March because of St. Patrick's Day.
We will also be closed on Monday 19th of March because of the Bank Holiday.
For a full list of our opening hours please see click here.


ARROW is DIT's Institutional Repository.
It brings together all of the Institute's research under one roof; therefore providing easy access for students, researchers, and anyone who is interested in learning about what the latest research interests of the institute are.
To date, over 5,000 papers have been added to the repository, with 1,425,163 full-text downloads since ARROW opened its electronic doors. In the area of Art and Design there are over 30 papers including those on Interactive Arts, Game Design and Illustration.
In the area of Social Sciences the repository has papers on young people in residential care, and chapters from books written by Carmel Gallagher, Kevin Lalor and many other lecturers in the School of Social Science.
Whenever you have a chance make sure you browse through the repository, you may be surprised by the amount of excellent academic research that is being produced by the DIT.

Access to Full-Text Articles on ERIC database

Students and staff may have problems accessing full-text articles available through the ERIC database. The problem relates to privacy issues in some of the content of the articles. The database provider is currently working through each article to check for problems. This is obviously going to take time.

If you are looking for a particular article you can fill in this form with your email address and the ERIC record number of the article. ERIC will then prioritise that article and will send you a copy of it as soon as it has checked it for "personally identifiable information". For more information please click here, or you can ask at the library issue desk.

February 2013

Library Open This Saturday

The library will be open this Saturday, 16th of Febraury 2013.
Our opening hours are 10am - 5pm.
For more information on our Saturday opening hours for this academic year please click here

Report into the Magdalen Laundries

The report into the Magdalen Laundries (Report of the Inter-departmental Committee to establish the facts of State Involvement with the Magdalen Laundries), which were run from 1922 up until 1996, is now available on the Department of Justice and Equality's website.
The report was chaired by Senator Martin McAleese and provides an insight into the running of the laundries, the women who were put in to or entered the laundries; and also evidence of the involvement of the State.
The report aims to dispel some of the myths about what type of women were forced into the laundries and for what reasons.

The library will have paper versions of the report available as soon as it possible.


The library at Mountjoy Square is purchasing more and more electronic versions of our most popular books. This means that those high demand books that you can't get your hands on during exams or when assignments are due, should now be available at the touch of a button! We have tried to purchase multi-user licenses were possible so that more than one student can access them at time. It also means that even when the library is closed you can still access the books.
We are really excited about the amount of e books we are adding to our collection and we hope that you will find them extremely useful in your studies.
Titles available right now include:

Book CoverNicola Yelland's "Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education"
 Book Cover Lorraine Blaxter's "How to Research"
Book Cover"The Student's Companion to Social Policy"

To access all of our e-books do a Subject search for E Book Collection DIT Mountjoy Square (alternatively you can click here for a full list of all our current e books) and click on the title of the book and then click on the link.
Please check these pages for new titles as we will be constantly adding to our e book collection.

Exams and the Library

The library is now back to normal term hours and will be open Monday to Thursday 9:30-9:30 and Friday 9:30-5:15. We are also open on Saturday the 12th of January and the 19th of January (10am-5pm), to accommodate all students sitting exams.
Copies of previous exam papers are available through the library catalogue*. For information on how to access the exam papers please click here

*Please note you will need the Student Intranet username and password to access the exam papers from outside DIT