Short BBC radio piece on the renovated Rijksmuseum

On BBC Radio 3's Arts Programme, Night Waves, they broadcasted a piece on the newly renovated Rijksmuseum.  This 8.5 minute piece covers the design of the museum as well as the development of
art in the Golden Age. It also discussed Rembrant's Portrait of Jan Six, which the Six family have had for 350 years and have loaned the work to the Rijksmuseum for the opening.  This work is rarely seen in public
and is considered one of Rembrant's major works.
To play the audio, just click the play icon on the bottom left of the player.

The Child Care Law Reporting Project

 Child Care Law Reporting Project

The Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP) has gone live and can be accessed from the following site

Its goal is that members of the public and professionals can gain an insight into the reasons and issues involving children being taken into care.  It plans to publish about 10 per cent of all child care court cases, which will be randomly selected and broadly representative of the courts around the country.  So, for instance, about 40 per cent of cases would be from the Dublin Metropolitan District Court as that accounts for 40 per cent of the national average and it will attempt to apply a representative figure nationally.

A protocol has been established to ensure that there is no information that could lead to the identification of the families or children involved.  This means that Social Workers and Judges can't be named.  The full protocol is available at

At the moment, there are nearly 30 Case Histories online, which will increase as the project continues. They can be read here

Another part of the project is the publishing of Child Care Statistics.  At the moment, there are only statistics for 2011 available, which can be looked at here
The CCLRP plans on gathering court data and will issue reports with statistics, trends and analysis from which it will issue recommendations.

The CCLRP is supervised by an oversight committee composed of Mrs Justice Catherine McGuinness, former judge of the Supreme Court and former President of the Law Reform Commission; Dr Helen Buckley, Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and Social Policy, TCD; Dr Geoffrey Shannon, Government Rapporteur on Child Protection; P J Fitzpatrick, former CEO of the Courts Service; Noeline Blackwell, director general of FLAC; and Tanya Ward, director of the Childrens Rights Alliance.