Just how equal are the members of Irish society?

The ESRI and the Equality Authority have collaborated in a report - "The Experience of Discrimination in Ireland" - It is profiled in the Irish Times on 27 May. Click here to access the report on the ESRI Web site. Click here to view the Irish Times feature.

EU States to Share Information on Criminal Convictions

Under an agreement to be reached between the European Parliament and EU justice ministers shortly Irish authorities will automatically be given details of Irish people who are convicted in other EU states and Irish authorities will be obliged automatically to notify EU states of convictions of their citizens in Ireland. The agreement will come into effect in three years time. Click here for Irish Times report

"Impressionist Interiors" exhibition at the National Gallery

10 MAY - 10 AUGUST 2008:

The National Gallery of Ireland presents an exhibition highlighting the intimate observations of the Impressionists and their circle. Impressionist Interiors features over 45 wonderful paintings and drawings by Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cassatt, Gauguin, Vuillard and Morisot from both the Gallery's collection and important European and US collections. Further information can be found here.

Does the prison system offer offenders a realistic prospect of rehabilitation?

See "In and Out" a special Prisons feature in the Society Guardian where ex offenders give their account of why the prison system fails and how it could be made to work. Click here to view.