New books in Mountjoy Square Library in October

Check the below links to browse through lists of the new books which have arrived in the library during the month of October.

You can click on a direct link to the individual books records on the library catalogue, which will allow you to find out whereabouts the book is shelved in the library, or if someone else already has borrowed the book.

The lists are divided by subject area to make it easier for you to browse.
Art and Design , Criminology , Social Sciences

Some of the more recent arrivals are displayed on the new books stand which is located just in front of the issue desk and the main entrance.

Cutbacks to Frontline Services Make No Sense

In Light of A and B Report, Cutbacks to Frontline Services Make No Sense: Saving Childhood Group tell TDs

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Arts Council outlines strategic approach for next three years

The Arts Council has published its strategic overview for 2011 to 2013, saying that the document will inform its decisions over the period.

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