Model Village for Dementia sufferers

A 'village' in Holland is leading the way in residential care for dementia sufferers. Hogewey is unique in that it encourages its residents to shop for themselves, meet neighbours for lunch, and join clubs, all the things that they would do if living independently*. But this is not a real village. As the article in the Irish Times Health Supplement tells us "It is a a nursing home designed to look like and function as a self-contained village community". "The village design allows its residents to experience the world as they currently understand it, even if it is in the past". As Yvonne Van Amerongen, one of the founding members explains, "we discovered that those with severe dementia were happier, healthier, more relaxed, needed less medication and slept better by giving them back the life they had known". This is a very interesting concept and could be something that other countries might adapt in the future.

You can read the full Irish Times article here

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Saturday Hours at Mountjoy Square library

The library will not be open this Saturday, 23rd of November.
The next Saturday we will be open is Saturday the 30th of November.
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DIT Graduate is added as an Illustrator for top Children's Book Agency

Lorraine Lawlor, DIT Fine Art graduate, has recently been appointed as an illustrator by Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency. Lorraine is currently working on a children's picture book and has been snapped up by the top British agency.
You can see some of her amazing work here, along with a short biog.

Image courtesy of Darley Anderson

Latest 'Growing Up in Ireland' report

The latest report in the National Longitudinal Study of Children (Growing Up in Ireland) published today, focuses on the effect of parental stress and depression on child development.
Among the findings of this particular report was that maternal stress was strongly associated with difficult temperament in a child.

The report, based on the study since 2006 of 11,000 children from the age of nine months, highlights the role of parenting and family contexts in child development.

You can access the report in full here

Some text courtesy of The Irish Times