Recent Child Protection Books and Reports in Mountjoy Square Library

Students of Social Care, Early Childhood Education and Child Family and Community Studies may be interested in the following child protection texts and reports which were added to Mountjoy Square Library's collection in the last three years.

Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children, 2011 (Call No.: 362.709415). This document sets out what organisations need to do to keep children safe and what different bodies and the general public should do if they are concerned about a child's safety and welfare.

Fourth Report of the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection: a report submitted to the Oireachtas, 2010. (Call No.: 361.9417). In this report Geoffrey Shannon, the Government's Special Rapporteur on Child Protection reports to the Oireachtas on the position of the law and social care practice in relation to youth homelessness, the right of children with mental difficulties to be heard and children and the criminal law. He also reviews developments in law and practice since his previous reports in 2007 and 2008 relating to trafficking of children and prostitution.

Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Cloyne, December 2010 (Call No: 362.7609415). This report, by a Commission of Investigation chaired by Judge Yvonne Murphy reports on the handling by Cloyne diocesan, and Church and State authorities of complaints, allegations, concerns and suspicions of child sexual abuse by clerics made between 1 January 1996 - 1 February 2009.

World Perspectives on Child Abuse, 2010 (Call No. 362.76) is the ninth edition of a publication by the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and focuses on the variability in how child abuse is defined and addressed worldwide and the challenges of collecting child maltreatment data.

Roscommon Child Care Case: Report of the Inquiry Team to the HSE on 27th October 2010 by the Roscommon Child Care Inquiry (chaired by Nora Gibbons), 2010 (Call No.: 362.76094175) is the report on the response of social services to parental incest, neglect and ill-treatment of a family of six children in the Roscommon area.

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse: Report, 2009 ("The Ryan Report") (Call No. 362.7609417). This five volume report documents incidents of child abuse in institutions managed by the state between 1940 and 1999. An Executive Summary of the report is also available at the call number mentioned above.

Child Abuse and Neglect by Monica L. McCoy, 2009 (Call No.: 362.76) This text addresses the history of the response to child abuse in the US, risk factors in child abuse, mandated reporting, details of types of child abuse, legal issues around child abuse, what happens after a report of child abuse is made and prevention of child maltreatment.

Mandated Report of Child Abuse and Neglect: A Practical Guide for Social Workers
, 2009 by Kenneth J. Lau, Kathryn Krase and Richard H. Morse (Call No.: 362.76630973) This text addresses the role of the social worker as a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect in a U.S. context. It defines child abuse and neglect; examines when a report is required; how to make a report; what happens after a report is made; legal and ethical issues in mandated reporting; legal protections for mandated reporters and the role of law enforcement in protecting children.

Monageer Inquiry: Report presented to Ms Mary Harney T.D. Minister for Health and Children, 2008 (Call No.: 362.8209415). This report examines the circumstances leading to and surrounding the deaths of the Dunne family members - two adults and two children aged four and three years - in Monageer, Co. Wexford.

Report on the Management of Two Child Protection Cases in the Diocese of Cloyne, 2008 by Ian Elliott (Call No.: 362.7094195). This report presents the findings of a review of two child protection cases which arose in the Diocese of Cloyne, addressing the adequacy and appropriacy of the Diocese's response to reports that came to it about child protection concerns involving the clergy and makes recommendations for reform of its child protection policy and procedures.

Child Abuse and Culture: Working with Diverse Families
(2008) by Lisa Aronson Fontes, 2008 (Call No.: 362.7653). This text examines the ways in which culture is relevant to child abuse intervention. If offers practical advice on interviewing diverse families about, and assessing such families for child maltreatment. It also addresses the issues of physical discipline and abuse, child sexual abuse, working with interpreters in child maltreatment cases and child maltreatment prevention and parent education.