Irish people with disabilities still living in outdated institutions

An internal review being conducted by health authorities estimates that any many as 3,000 people with disabilities or mental health problems may need to be transferred out of inappropriate institutions and into the community. See the Irish Times article "Forgotten People who wait in Hope".

Constitutional Challenge to Ireland's Domestic Violence Law dismissed

On 11th July an estranged father of five lost his High Court bid to have provisions of the Domestic Violence Act related to the making of protection orders declared unconstitutional. He had claimed that the making of protection orders was a constitutionally impermissible attack on the family or breached a number of other rights under the Constitution, including his right to his good name. See Irish Times report .

Ireland's Drug Abuse Culture

In a report published on 25th June 2008 the National Advisory Committee on Drugs has found that the proportion of people who have used cocaine more than doubled in most parts of Ireland between 2003 and 2007. They also found that cannabis is the most commonly used drug followed by magic mushrooms, ecstasy and cocaine. The report states that more men than women and more young adults than older adults use illegal drugs. Full details of the report can be viewed by clicking here. See the Irish Times account by clicking here.