Do Secondary School Enrolment Policies Discriminate?

The Department of Education's recent audit of school enrolment reveals that there may be a class divide permeating the Irish education system at second level. Click here to access the results of the the audit on the Department of Education and Science website. Click here for the Irish Times discussion of the issues.

HSE Report reveals problems in child abuse and neglect services

The first national review of child protection and welfare services by the Health Service Executive shows the system is failing some of the most vulnerable children in the state. See Irish Times headline and feature for further information.

Image Making from Shanghai : Student Exhibition at Mountjoy Square

Following their visit to Shanghai, 3rd and 4th year Visual Communication Design students explore their own individual themes based on their responses to the city and its culture. View the exhibition on the ground floor at DIT Mountjoy Square.

World's oldest photo for sale.

See Telegraph article.

Pills: Which ones have you taken?

See the exhibition at Trinity Science Gallery.

"The world has been waiting for a great triptych, and this is it."

Francis Bacon work to be sold at auction.

Bullying Tactics - How to help children cope with bullying

See Irish Times HEALTHplus feature for further information.

Equality Body to challenge ruling on exam disability

See Irish Times article for the full story.

Proposed Child Detention Centre at Lusk could hold all young offenders

See proposals to remove all children from the prison system in Irish Times article.

'The Arts are Useless'

Irish Times article suggests that Oscar Wilde's proclamation need not be true.

The Public and the Arts

Download the findings of the Arts Council's Survey that recorded the attitudes of a varied demographic to "the role of the arts in society".

Record Breaker

Irish Museum of Modern Art clocks up 480,000 visitors during 2007.
See Irish Times article.

New Regulations to apply Higher Standards to Nursing Homes

See Irish Times article for the full story.

Separate Referendum on Children's Rights proposed.

See Irish Times article for the full story.For more information on the referendum see the Ombudsman for Children website.

Head of Unit to Fight Trade in Humans Appointed.

See Irish Times article for the full story.

Bill Aims to Outlaw Sex with Trafficking Victims

See Irish Times article for the full story.Click here for more information on the new Human Trafficking Bill including amendments made this week.

Social Sciences Database of the Month - Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts is a real treasure trove as databases go! It contains abstracts of international literature on sociology and related subjects and includes material on family and social welfare, health, law, religion, science and women's studies. The database provides access to abstracts of books, book chapters, articles, conference papers and dissertations. You can select the abstracts you wish to retain and save, print or e-mail them. In some cases you can access the full text of the material in PDF format. Check out our Sociological Abstracts guide or click here to go directly to the database. Happy hunting!

Database of the Month- Design and Applied Arts Index

Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI) is an excellent and easy to use database with information on design, designers, craftspeople, studios and firms; and over 175,000 articles from leading design and applied arts journals.Coverage is from 1973 onwards.Most articles are only available as abstracts but there are some full-text articles. You will see a icon beside the article if there is a full-text copy available. This can then be saved, printed or emailed for future reference.
Check out our short guide to DAAI or go straight to the database.